Meaningful Weight Loss™ (MWL™)
Full Definition
Meaningful Weight Loss is defined as a substantial and sustainable reduction in weight which:
Results in the subject maintaining a healthy weight (Body Mass Index of 25 or less) for 3 consecutive years after reaching a healthy weight;
Causes the subject to permanently adopt smart eating habits which minimize hunger and cravings;
Causes the subject to permanently adopt a lifestyle which includes 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity every week;
Positively impacts well-being as evidenced by the following quantifiable objective indicators:
(i) blood stats at or closer to ideal levels,
(ii) decreased resting heart rate, and
(iii) increased stamina during moderate intensity activity;
Increases quality of life as evidenced by the subject’s self-assessment of improvement in their level of confidence, fitness/health, happiness, optimism, and self-esteem.
Short Definition
Meaningful Weight Loss is a substantial and lasting reduction in weight which positively impacts well-being and quality of life by enabling people to maintain a healthy weight, adopt smart eating habits, and be physically active.
Meaningful Weight Loss is a proprietary term created by Dr. Raihan Haque in 1995 when he was a medical student. Today Dr. Haque is the founder and president of Dr. Food® (, a leading provider of weight loss solutions, nutritional education, and digital fitness resources. Meaningful Weight Loss is the cornerstone of his Dr. Food Lifestyle which is helping overweight and obese people across the country lose weight and stay slim.